Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lemur L'amour: We (They) Eat

You know how people always say they didn't eat at their wedding? I swore I would...but I really didn't. First of all, we never really sat down at a table. Our top priority was making sure we spent time with all of our guests, so most of the time I was walking from table to table and standing and chatting with people. After everyone had gone through the buffet line, we grabbed plates and continued visiting with guests as we ate. Mr. Lemur ate plenty, but I swear I had like three bites and didn't feel well. I don't know what it was—maybe a combination of stress and everything going on? I tried to eat but I wasn't really hungry and nothing tasted quite right.

All pictures by Niki Marie Photography.

Everyone else has told me the food was good. No one raved about it necessarily—but I knew from the beginning our food wasn't going to be mind-blowing. There was plenty of it and it was good, which is all I was looking for at our price point.

I actually don't have any pictures of the food, and hardly any of people eating, but that's ok. We ended up having make-your-own breakfast biscuits with sausage and ham, quiche, cinnamon rolls, muffins, sandwiches, salad, and fruit. There were also two drink stations set up with (I think) water, sweet tea, juice, coffee, and hot tea.

I think in this picutre I'm 1. Showing off my wedding band and 2. Holding my phone because my sister sent me a picture of my new last name in her phone. Gotta love candid moments, right?

You can see the buffet lines and one of the drink stations in the background of this picture. Also, I'm pretty sure I'm making this face in approximately 90% of the pictures. What can I say, I was happy!

I'm pretty sure they were scoring our kiss. Up next: We cut the cake(s).
The wedding day began at 5:30 am and continued as we got ready at the venue. We had our perfect first look and then took couples pictures in the road. After bridal party pictures and family pictures, it was time to begin the ceremony! I walked down the aisle and began the ceremony, then we said I do and were husband and wife. Then it was time to be seated for the reception, kids and all!

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