Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dressing Up the Dress

Remember when I introduced my dress and said I was excited to make it my own? Well this post is just about that! I also posted about shoes and whether or not I should splurge for expensive heels or go with a simple sandal. This girl is still undecided! But today let's talk about wedding jewelry.

I've seen a lot of pictures lately with necklaces that look something like this and they kind of make me swoon. Especially the ones with birdcage/short veils because that's what I'll be wearing!

Because the dress is so simple, I think I could get away with a bigger necklace, although maybe not something with quite that much bling even though I love them. I'm thinking a chunkier necklace that still fits the whole casual theme, maybe even something in coral.

I think this image says it best. Look at her—she's stunning. I'm absolutely loving the double strand with the hint of color that matches her sweater. Umm, can anyone find me a coral sweater please? And then let's have the weather be cold on my wedding day!

This is a short post because I really don't have anything else to say! You can say it for me, what do you think I should wear? Go with a larger necklace or stick to a traditional string of pearls or pendant? What kind of wedding jewelry did you wear?

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