Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Heel Height

Mr. Lemur is definitely taller than I am. In this shot from our engagement pictures, you can see he easily has four or five inches on me—taller but not towering over me.

If I wear a normal-sized heel, I'm just shorter than Mr. Lemur by an inch or two. I'm totally comfortable with this, and wear heels often. Would I wear a pair of shoes like this with a 6 and 1/2 inch heel?

Image via Zappos

Well, probably not. It's just not my style! And I mean, I'm not even sure I could walk in those, but that's beside the point!

Now look at this picture of my whole family at Lake Superior this summer...

Personal photo / Mr. Lemur, me, Sister E, Sister E's Boyfriend, Sister A, Brother D

Ok, so maybe it's a slight incline. But it gets my point across—I'm definitely the shortest in the family! And Mr,. Lemur is pretty close in height to both of my sisters.

In fact, throw a pair of three or four-inch heels on either Sister E or Sister A and I'm pretty sure he'd be looking up at them. Mr. Lemur's brothers (the groomsmen) aren't necessarily tall either. Now, I'm not saying it would be a huge deal if they wore heels, but we're definitely thinking of going with a flat sandal. I'm pretty sure they'd be more comfortable like that anyway!

If they wear a more casual sandal, what should I wear? I was leaning towards heels at first, but now I love the idea of being able to walk around all day no problem, not trip on my dress, be comfortable, match my sisters... Did you wear heels and love it? Regret it? Wish you had worn the shoes of your dreams? DID wear the shoes of your dreams?

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