Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hard Times

Oh these times are hard,
Yeah, they're making us crazy,
Don't give up on me, baby.

Mr. Lemur and I are long distance—and have been on and off throughout our entire relationship. In fact, by the time we get married we'll have been long distance for almost half of our time as a couple. So yes, I knew it would be hard going into our final four months apart. Unfortunately my trips up to Detroit are few and far between.

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But guys, it's really tough. When I'm here I get into a pretty good routine. I work 8 to 5 or later every day, eat dinner with my sisters or roommate, go to class for several hours in the evening, run and workout, and by then it's time to go to sleep and get up the next day to do it all over again. Mr. Lemur works twelve hour shifts with a lot of overtime and runs a good bit himself. We hang out with our friends here or there when we have time. So we stay busy—and that's good. It works.

I sit here writing this fresh off a weekend in Detroit. These are the days that are hard. It's hard to focus on writing an entrepreneurship business plan. It's hard to enjoy a typical dinner with a group of family and friends. It's hard to lace up my shoes and run by myself.

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We fight more when we're apart. It's easy to snap over something small, especially when the distance already strains emotions. Read: I am a hormonal mess.

The whole girls and chocolate thing? Yeah, that holds true for me. Dark chocolate preferably. I'm all out—you can mail me some more and we'll be best friends forever? What can I say, it was a tough day. And that bag of M&Ms from my future mother-in-law went really quickly...

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One of us struggles taking pictures. That person is not me. I love him anyway.

Girls in a long-distance relationship: How do you make it work? Any advice for me? Encouragement? (I could use some right now.)

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