Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Let's Talk about Rings

I've already talked about my perfect proposal and the jealousy that inevitably creeps in when you compare yourself to others. Because what's right for you is almost certainly not right for someone else. Even when someone tells you "Oh, that's the exact ring I want!" (that happened this weekend), it doesn't mean their story is anything like yours—or should be! So this post is about my ring, but I want to make a few extraneous remarks too.

Miss Jackrabbit has a really awesome post on her moissanite ring and just rings in general, so I won't repeat her here! But it goes without saying that if you have a huge diamond or a small diamond or a colored gem or a scientifically-created stone (umm, cool!), the most important thing is just that you rock the heck out of that thing.

I already mentioned Mr. Lemur and I picked out the ring together, but during our the summer when we were also long distance (ugh) I wanted to get an idea for what kind of ring I liked in person, not just from pictures online.

Side note: This is how I found Weddingbee! I was searching for rings online and came across threads in the ring forum, which led me to the blog eventually.

So way back in June I went and tried on rings with a friend. For girls who want to go ring shopping but don't want to drag their significant others along: Just do it. Take a girlfriend and say "I want to look at rings to get an idea of what I might like!" They'll let you try on as many rings as you want. I told the lady at Kay's I was looking for a princess cut solitaire with a cathedral setting, and she showed me this ring.

Personal photo—The ring I preferred is on my right hand. In the second picture I'm wearing a similar but slightly bulkier ring on my left hand.

The jeweler wasn't pushy necessarily, but she definitely encouraged me to try on some other rings. I did, and each time I kept gravitating back to the simple solitaire. For me, once I figured out what I wanted, trying it on didn't make that much of a difference. It simply solidified how I had felt while looking at rings online, on other people, etc. So I sent the pictures and a link to Mr. Lemur—not subtle at all, huh?

Mr. Lemur ordered the diamond and band separately from a jeweler friend, and I may have gotten some pictures along the way. Shh. I don't think people are supposed to know he sent me the original ring pictures!

Somehow, though, when I first saw the ring I wasn't thinking "Yep, this is the one I picked out." I was thinking "We're getting married!" And having a gorgeous ring was pretty cool too.

Personal photo—I think this picture turned out pretty well for a quick shot on my iPhone in front of the waterfall where we got engaged!

So tell me your ring stories! Anyone have a really unique ring or ring story out there? Do I have any ring twins? Did you pick out your ring or did your significant other surprise you?

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