Friday, May 17, 2013

I Was Crazy

I graduated with my masters degree on May 3rd and we got married on May 4th. Making matters more complicated, graduation was in the afternoon and we had a morning Mr. Lemur also I also had to move all of my stuff out of my apartment and pack it to travel 800 miles.

This was not my original plan. Back when we first started talking about dates, I was pushing for May 11th. We knew we wanted to get married in early May because South Carolina is *usually* already 85+ degrees by that time of year. I also didn't want a huge gap between finishing my degree and work contract and moving to a new area and finding a job. 

Personal photo / Mr. Lemur and I with my grandparents after graduation

For many reasons, May 11th wasn't convenient for the rest of our families. Namely, the fact that Mr. Lemur's parents are in Michigan, and he has siblings in Utah, Guam, and Africa. My parents are in Wisconsin. It would have been incredibly difficult and in at least one case impossible for our closest family members to attend both our graduation and wedding. Not cool. 

So we decided to cram it all in to one crazy weekend. When I told people this the response was usually "You're doing what?!" I had a cookie cutter answer like "Well, actually my degree requirements are complete on April 5th and I'm only working 30 hours a week for the remainder of the month, so it's not that bad! Plus I have a lot planned already." Which was all true, but I underestimated the amount of work that has to get done right before the wedding. 

Personal photo / With three of my best friends after graduation

I'm going to get into the events of the week before the wedding more in future guys, I was crazy. 

But do I regret that insane weekend where not everything went perfectly and I didn't sit down for four straight days? As I relax on the couch in our new apartment with my husband during a lazy morning while he reads forums and I Absolutely not. 

Did anyone else have a crazy wedding weekend?

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