Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lemur L'amour: Celebrating & Finally Together

I loved everyone's suggestions for titles! I think I'm going to go with Lemur L'amour—it's a little nod to Mr. Lemur's birth and growing up years in Quebec, Canada. Plus it's just really cute. You guys are way more creative than I am!

The Tuesday before the wedding was Sister E's 21st birthday! As a combination day celebrating both her birthday and being together for one of the last days before we scattered to Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania for the summer, we spent a low-key afternoon in Greenville and went out for dinner. Sister E set up a walking course that hit some of the nicest places in Greenville—old downtown churches, the Wyche Pavilion (my secret wedding dream that wasn't meant to be), and Falls Park.

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Afterwards we celebrated with our extended family with cake, ice cream, and ultimate frisbee. The ultimate frisbee game consisted of me running around with my cousins and uncles while my grandmother and aunts screamed "Don't hit the bride!" I was fine. No bruises on my wedding day.

Wednesday was the best day, because on Wednesday Mr. Lemur finally arrived! We celebrated with wedding errands... and Subway footlong sandwiches in Walmart. Super romantic.

Thursday is where it gets crazy. South Carolina has a 24 hour waiting period for wedding licenses, and you have to apply in person. Since Mr. Lemur hadn't been in South Carolina since December, we had to wait until two days before the wedding to get our marriage license—cutting it a little close. Fortunately, there was hardly a line and we were in and out with our application in less than a half hour!

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Then it was off to the venue to decorate! What were the days leading up to your wedding like?

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