Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lemur L'amour: Decorating the Venue

Originally I was worried we would only be able to get into the venue the day of the wedding. Technically our contract stated that we would only have access the day of—but our sweet caterer told us to stop by anytime she was there, which ended up being all afternoon Thursday and all day Friday. Since Friday was jam-packed, we scheduled the decorating for Thursday afternoon.

When we got there, they had already set up all of the tables and chairs, spread the linens, and were working on setting the tables. So much more than I had expected seeing as though we had selected a non-traditional wedding venue—the summer months at Pleasant Ridge are full of camps for special needs kids, not weddings! I had brought extra troops with me just in case... so all sixteen of my family members took on the venue in full force to turn it from a camp cafeteria into a ceremony and reception space.

Personal photo

The tables went quickly—we set the bags on the tables and each of us unpacked two or three in less than a half hour. My grandmother tackled the fireplace, which was originally a wide open charred space that was...ugly. She filled it with ivy and candles, and threw in a few flowers on the day of for color.

Personal photos / In progress

We played around with different plants over the fireplace but ended up hanging bunting, which I absolutely loved. The actual hanging part was more difficult though... Ever heard the phrase "too many cooks in the kitchen?" In this case it was more like "too many people watching Mr. Lemur hang bunting."

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My dad and sister hung poms over the buffet area and in the windows. I loved the color they brought to the space, but they could have been bigger. Not a problem in the long run but something to remember when you're decorating a huge space!

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I don't have a ton of photos of everything we did, but we also decorated all the specialty tables, including the table honoring our parents and grandparents. It turned out to be fantastic and very special.

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I can't wait to show you how everything turned out!

When were you able to set up for your wedding?

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