Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lemur L'amour: "Rehearsal" & Graduation

Remember how I said I was crazy? Well here we go.

After decorating the venue, we went out to dinner—CHINESE! We finally had (almost) all of our family in town and it was time to eat way, way too much delicious Chinese food and hang out with both my current family and soon-to-be family. Then it was rehearsal time.

I envy all those bees who have cute pictures of their rehearsal! Ours was at the end of a long day in the dining room with the chairs pushed to the side. I could feel a cold coming on and was in kind of a bad mood due to being tired and stressed—I really just wanted to get the rehearsal over and have everything go perfectly so I could go to bed.

However, as things are in real life, the rehearsal didn't go perfectly and I ended up getting more and more frustrated over dumb things—which in the long run didn't really matter and I totally regret. We ended up just doing two basic walk-throughs of what the ceremony would *hopefully* look like and then scattering for music practice, final wedding preparations, and sleep. Thank goodness.

Friday morning was graduation rehearsal and Friday afternoon was graduation—it was finally time to get that diploma!

Personal photo / Current family

Personal photo / Soon-to-be family!

I was so SO thankful to be done, but we were nowhere near done celebrating! Unfortunately, graduation went late—like 45 minutes longer than we had expected—putting us late for the welcome dinner at the park. At the same time, a storm was brewing. See our hair whipping in the above pictures? Well, the wind continued to blow and it started to rain...

What kind of crazy schedule did you have for the day before your wedding? Did you deal with bad weather?

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