Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lemur L'amour: Let's Get Dressed Already!

Finally my mom arrived and I put on my dress. Unfortunately, it wasn't really a "cute picture of your mom zipping up your dress" moment. It was more like "oh please let this dress zip..." Which it did, and it fit perfectly. Once I got it over my rib cage.

*** Once again, all photos by Niki Marie Photography ***

My mom was able to help me adjust my dress, though, which I'm thankful for. She also helped me put on my grandmother's antique necklace. Both of my cousins' wives wore it in their weddings, which makes me the third grandchild to get married in three years and feature this amazing piece of jewelry.

I touched up my mascara one last time...

...added a little more lip gloss...

...and it was veil time!

Along with my grandmother's necklace, I wore Mr. Lemur's grandmother's earrings. Unfortunately you can't see them much in these pictures but I promise they were there!

Meanwhile, my sisters were getting dressed and putting the finishing touches on their hair and makeup with more help from friends.

At 9:30 almost on the dot, it was first look time. I was as ready as I was going to get!

Did you manage to stay on schedule the morning of your wedding? What special touches are you including in your bridal look?

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