Sunday, June 9, 2013

Our Charleston Honeymoon: It Rains

We knew from the beginning we wanted to take a honeymoon especially to spend some time together after extended long distance—but didn't really have the budget or the time to do anything super fancy. Instead, we spent the week in one of our favorite cities, Charleston, the city Miss Camera is getting married in! Charleston also happens to be beautiful and insanely romantic.

We rented a little house on Folly Beach, twenty minutes from downtown, and less than four hours from our wedding venue. Since it was a morning wedding, we headed out mid-afternoon in our little car for our week long stay at the beach.

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Spoiler for the wedding day recaps: The day of our wedding was cold and rainy. So uncharacteristic for South Carolina in May, but at least our wedding was indoors!

Sunday on Folly Beach dawned just as cold and rainy. Honestly though, we didn't care! It was a perfect day to hang around the house and recover from a stressful week. Right around 8:00 at night, the rain broke and we decided to walk two blocks down to the beach.

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I miss this beach. Every evening right before sunset we walked down to the beach and along the sand to the pier.

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Right as we were walking up to the pier, there was a wedding on the edge of the beach as the sun was going down. It was just the bride and groom and a small group of people standing—maybe twenty or so. My guess is they had planned the wedding for earlier in the day but due to the rain had postponed it and taken the first opportunity they could. I might be wrong, but not many people plan their weddings for 8:00 on a Sunday night! Regardless, it was beautiful.

Now we were rested, though, and ready to explore the area more in the coming days!

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Was it low-key or lots of activities?

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