Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lemur L'amour: Our Bridal Party

After finishing couples pictures, it was time for pictures with our bridal party—also known as four of our siblings! Miraculously, we were still on time and cruised through these pretty quickly.

I have the most gorgeous sisters in the world. We're one and a half years apart each and still get mistaken for being the same age—or asked who's oldest. I was so thrilled to have them standing next to me on my wedding day.

All pictures by Niki Marie Photography.

Those ones are the serious posed ones. But these next ones are my favorite...

Then it was the guys' turn, while the girls went inside to get warm. Seriously. So cold. 

No guys, pose for real...



Then we headed up the hill to snap a few pictures of all of us together. See Mr. Lemur's youngest brother on the left and my oldest sister on the right? I don't have a single picture of both of them smiling together. I have several with my sister smiling and several with his brother smiling though...


Right on schedule, we headed inside for family pictures in front of the huge fireplace.

Who did you have stand up with you on your wedding day?

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