Friday, March 22, 2013

I Have to Decorate 4000 Square Feet

In contrast, my space in the tiny apartment I now live in is like 40 square feet. Or less. How much room does a bed, nightstand, and dresser take up? As for decorations... well, I propped up a frame on my nightstand. Does that count? Now all of a sudden I realized I have a huge room to decorate! When I look at all these gorgeous wedding pictures I feel like we're brushing over the hours they put into the decorations—and I don't even know where to start.

Well, I'm going to start here, with a few elements I plan on including. Our venue is essentially a blank space. Fortunately I think the high ceilings and glass doors lend themselves to less rather than more decorating.

1. Tissue Paper Poms

I've already made a few of these—they're currently decorating my 40 square feet by hanging in a row over my nightstand. They're easy to make, cheap, and pull in some color. The room has six sets of double glass doors with a glass panel on either side and above—here, let me show you a picture.

Can you see the glass doors and windows in this picture? I'm thinking about hanging a pom in each of the side glass panels—twelve total. I don't want to hide the view of the deck and woods, just add some color.

2. Bunting

Personal photo

Remember that I'll have approximately 150 feet of bunting to use anywhere in the building. I definitely want to drape about ten feet at the fireplace (more on that later), but I also will have plenty to drape along the stage and the welcome and food tables.

3. Fireplace

Oh, the fireplace. I'm so in love with it. Besides draping the bunting across, I want to throw a few books and our larger Scrabble tiles with out names on the mantel. I also want to use candles in the fireplace like in this picture. How cute are those? I plan on picking up eight or ten pillar candles of varying heights and arranging them in the fireplace for a little ambiance. Now I just hope our officiant doesn't step too far back during the ceremony.

4. Tables

On the tables we will have our crossword puzzle programs and I Spy sheets, neatly tied together with a coral ribbon at each place setting. To the left, we'll have three layered beverage napkins. (I'm thinking light yellow, light blue, and green for color.) The centerpieces will be our simple book stacks and Scrabble table letters. I'm so tempted to try to emulate Mrs. Treasure and include our cakes on each table—I'm planning on talking about it with my caterer when we finalize the menu!

I have a couple other ideas, but we'll save those for later! Anyone want to help me out with suggestions or modifications? How did you decorate?

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