Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Invitations Part IV

I promise, this is the last post. I do want to talk a little bit about the envelopes though. Sure, everyone is going to tear into the invitations and then completely disregard the envelopes, but this wedding fanatic blogger part of me rebelled against doing any old envelopes.

There was no way I was going to hand-write all the addresses:
  1. That's a lot of invites.
  2. I don't have gorgeous handwriting.
  3. That's a lot of invites.
Calligraphy wasn't an option for us because of cost, but I wanted to do something a little more special than printing them on a label and sticking them on. I didn't tell Mr. Lemur this until AFTER he bought labels and arranged all the addresses... I really am sorry about that one, babe.

I decided that I would print them out on a printer in a nice font and call it a day. Couldn't be too bad, right? And actually, it wasn't, but the set-up was a little tricky. First of all, my obsessive-compulsive mind wanted the fonts to match the invitation. Well that wasn't hard since the template listed the fonts—except they weren't standard fonts on my computer. 

Step one: Download the fonts and install them.
Step two: Ask Mr. Lemur to arrange all the addresses... again.
Step three: Print the envelopes. 

This is a mind-blowing tutorial, I know. Wait till you see the reveal pictures.

I'm actually very, very happy with them. I bought them from the same shop where my invites were printed, so the color and weight of the paper matches exactly—and they were only $0.10 each which is a plus! The colors are off in the picture but they're a nice ivory, and the words are printed in a dark grey. Printing them on my computer took about three hours on a Saturday afternoon, but I only ruined two in the printer! (Plus five or six more that were my fault for not double checking the addresses before I printed.)

We dropped our invites in the mail a few weeks ago and we've already gotten some online RSVPs which makes me so so happy! I'll keep you updated on how the online RSVP and guest list works out for us.

How did you address your envelopes? I've seen some really awesome tutorials for printing them and then lettering over it, but with 80 invites that was just way too much for this girl!

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