Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Stuff We're Skipping: the Bouquet Toss

Hive, I hate the bouquet toss. At every wedding I've been to I have avoided it like the plague. As an introverted person, the idea of having everyone's eyes on me while I hold a bouquet is terrifying. (Oh wait, that's what it's like to be a bride? Dang it.)

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It actually got worse when I was dating/soon-to-be engaged. Then there was all this (self-perceived) pressure to catch the bouquet and then act cute and playful, like I was just waiting around for Mr. Lemur to pop the question. (We had talked about it. I knew when it was coming. It wasn't then—and catching the bouquet had nothing to do with it!)

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Mr. Lemur's brother's wedding was the worst. The wedding was done in a cowboy style, since both the bride and groom loved horses and the bride lived on a ranch. For the send-off/exit, Mr. Lemur's brother and his new wife rode a horse out of the corral. Halfway through the bride was to pause and throw her bouquet. 

I knew it was coming all day. I was dreading it. The time came and I hid myself behind family members—who then betrayed me and pushed me in front just in time for Mr. Lemur's now sister-in-law to chuck the bouquet at my head. (No hard feelings towards them—they were just following tradition!) I took a step back and the bouquet literally fell at my feet. Thank goodness for the eight-year old girl who swooped in to triumphantly grab it. She was thrilled to have a bouquet of beautiful flowers and be the center of attention. I was hiding in the back of the line again. 

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I think you can tell by my attitude in this post that I'm not planning on doing a bouquet toss without me even saying it. Unless the unmarried girls at the wedding ask me to—which they might, but I kind of doubt it knowing who will be there! I do plan on handing off my bouquet to one of my close friends (if she is engaged at the time of the wedding) with a few words of thanks and appreciation for her love and support. (She doesn't read this blog, so I think I'm safe!)

Anyone else out there who avoids bouquet tosses? I have to have some sympathizers (introverted or not), right? Anyone not doing the bouquet toss either?

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