Monday, March 18, 2013

Make the Dreams Stop

I've always had crazy dreams—and I usually remember them in vivid detail when I wake up. For years I dreamed about the first day of school, complete with forgetting to wear pants, not being able to find my homeroom, and failing my math quiz. (Ahem, sometimes I still have those dreams.)

So should it be any surprise that after I got engaged I started having wedding dreams? At first the dreams were fun—in them we'd have a perfect wedding day with sunshine and happiness and getting married with all our family members surrounding us.

Then we got deeper and deeper into planning and the stress started to build, especially with Mr. Lemur 700 miles away. On top of that, I started my final semester of graduate school and the projects began to pile on.

Now the dreams are much less dreams than they are nightmares. Humor me and let me tell you about last night's dream...

We're getting married, but for some reason it's in a tiny room off of the main room, so we have hardly any room to walk around. We set up the tables, but I have no idea if anyone is coming since I got only 23 RSVPs. I'm panicking wondering if anyone will show up—but then the exact opposite happens and too many people come! The tiny room is packed and it's hot because we have the fireplaces on (for ambiance?). I didn't have time to finish tying together the place settings, so they're sitting in a pile by one of the fireplaces along with the rest of the decorations I worked so hard on. But it's ok—the wedding will go on! 

As we line up for the processional, I realize I never did my hair. It's pulled up in a lifeless ponytail, so I grab a curling iron and try to salvage it as the music starts and my sisters begin to walk in. Too late, the ceremony is beginning. Then it hits me—I never scheduled anything for the ceremony! Our officiant is there, but he has no idea what to say. I failed to ask anyone to do readings or sing, and I don't even know what to say for vows. 

At this point I wake up in a panic and see the clock: 5:40 AM. At this point my thoughts are racing and I can't fall back asleep. (I even text Mr. Lemur that exactly: "Awake at 5:40 AM and my thoughts are racing." He didn't wake up.) When I finally doze off again, I sleep fitfully until my alarm goes off. And my snooze alarm. And another snooze alarm...

This post really has no point except to ask: How do you deal with wedding nightmares? Has anyone been successful in stopping these crazy dreams that are robbing me of my sleep? The only thing I can come up with is being proactive and dealing with these issues. Tonight I plan on assembling my programs and finalizing the ceremony order. Maybe if I finish them in real life they won't haunt me in my dreams!

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