Monday, April 22, 2013

A Books & Numbers Bridal Shower

First of all, there is no way for me to express how much gratitude I have toward everyone who planned and attended my shower! Mr. Lemur's church is incredibly generous and I am so thankful for all the effort and time that went into this. I want to share some of the pictures from the day to show what a wonderful event it was—they did a great job!

The theme was books and numbers—ahem, two of my favorite things. The tables were decorated with piles of books wrapped in ribbon and surrounded with paper numbers for the game that we played. The napkins were held with coral tissue paper napkin rings. Basically, a very similar vision to what I'm looking for at the wedding! These ladies nailed it.

All photos personal—from my mother and a friend of the family.

Remember when I wrote a post about the bunting we had worked on? Well, it looked amazing! There were four lengths hung across the front of the room and several more along the back by the food table. The backdrop to the bunting is cardboard panels covered in book pages. (Interesting note: The room used for showers at the church is a classroom and chapel for the school, so there was a whiteboard all along the front of the room. The ladies have to come up with creative ways to cover it for showers they hold there!)

I love the cozy chairs and pile of books. It's like you're in someone's living room—except you're on a platform in front of a room of 70 people. Just go back to pretending you're in someone's living room.

Next up is the incredible food! The tables for the food were also covered in book pages.

Looking back on this, I'm not sure I actually tried any of the punch! I was a little busy the whole time, but I did have some of the yogurt with the fruit and granola toppings and it was delicious.

Left to right, this is my future grandmother-in-law, mother, sister E, sister A, future grandmother-in-law again, and mother-in-law getting food. Besides the punch and yogurt with toppings, there were mini cinnamon rolls (in the cupcake stand) that were AMAZING, sliders with ham or sausage, and roasted potatoes. Perfect for a brunch!

And no section about the food is complete with a huge thank you to the cooks who prepared food for this many people. Thank you ladies!

Next up was opening all of the gifts. Another big thank you goes to these two girls—both friends of Mr. Lemur's from high school!

The girl on the left wrote down all my gifts for me—she was trying to be really specific so I would know exactly what she was referring to, and some of her descriptions made me laugh. For example "baby measuring cup" for seriously the smallest measuring cup I've ever seen, or "cooking trays (like for cookies)" for the cooling racks I got. The girl on the right handed me gifts and organized the piles of tissue paper and gift bags that added up. Fun fact: She was Mr. Lemur's date to their school junior/senior and got married last Saturday! Just for fun, I had to include this picture...

Awh, Mr. Lemur in high school—now both he and she are getting married two weeks apart. Congratulations to her and her new husband!

I opened gifts for a long time, and got seriously almost everything on my registry, as well as some sweet personalized gifts. For example, this adorable sun tea pitcher filled with brightly colored towels and Kool-Aid packets. I had registered for and got two of the pillows on the right. I thought they were adorable!

I also received a gift full of ornaments and Christmas items—like Christmas cookie cutters and travel mugs. It also included this personalized ornament, which I can't wait to use for our first Christmas!

I want to say a huge thank you to these three women for hosting the shower, giving a devotional, and planning the decorations. You ladies were amazing!

I am also super thankful my family was able to be there. My parents drove over from Wisconsin and my sisters drove up with me from South Carolina. My future grandmother-in-law drove up from Ohio and of course my future mother-in-law was there!

I have individual pictures of each of the tables, but this post is incredibly long so I'll just post a room shot and say thank you again to everyone who attended!

With my mother and sisters—they're beautiful!

When we finally got home, we still had to unload all of the furniture from my parents—not only my bedroom set, but also a table from my grandparents.

Way to help out, Mr. Lemur. You're working really hard there.

After sorting all of the gifts, I was exhausted. No more pictures, please.

Did any of you have a large shower?

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