Thursday, April 25, 2013

An Emotional Roller Coaster

I've been doing a lot of my wedding planning lately while watching The Office , my current television obsession. (I may have actually dreamed that I was Jim Halpert the other night. It was like "The Office, Detroit Edition.") I started from the beginning a couple weeks ago and have cruised through episodes while crafting and organizing like crazy.

*Office spoilers in this next section*

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I got to the end of Season 2 where Michael hosts casino night and Roy heads home early—leaving Jim and Pam in the office together. In that episode, Jim kisses Pam and confesses his love for her, even though Pam doesn't feel the same way. I cried.

Finally, at the end of Season 3 Jim breaks up with Karen and asks Pam to coffee in the conference room. She agrees. I cried.

In Season 4 when Jim encourages Pam to pursue her dream of going to art school in New York? Cried.

I'm now on Season 5, and last night I watched the episode where Jim buys Pam a house. Yeah, no doubt there—I definitely cried.

My sudden heightened emotions are not just limited to crying over sappy television romances, either. Unfortunately, I also get upset more easily and snap over little things. I'm pretty sure Mr. Lemur and I actually argued over how to arrange the furniture in our new living room yesterday. We've barely started moving stuff in, and I haven't even seen it!

On the bright side, I'm also experiencing a huge sense of love and anticipation. I'm overwhelmed by the support shown to us by so many family and friends and how willing they are to help us. I love how many texts and messages I've gotten about people being excited to come to our wedding—and others who are leaving soon to make the long trek down to celebrate with us.

It's a roller coaster. Sometimes I'm on a top-of-the-world high—like two nights ago when I tried on my wedding dress for one of the last times before the wedding. Other times I'm pretty discouraged—like when I was struggling with the decision of how many tables to set up for the reception. I know it's a combination of stress, lack of sleep, and excitement, and to be honest I just want to embrace it! Our wedding is almost here, and these are my last few days as a single woman. So if I cry over Jim and Pam again tonight while finishing the centerpieces, so be it.

Anyone else experience this kind of range of emotions?

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