Wednesday, April 10, 2013

All I Need is Something to Put on My Feet

I like shoes and all, but finding the perfect shoes for my wedding outfit has never been at the top of my to-do list. I know a lot of girls are super interested in the search for the perfect shoe—check out Miss Airplane's posts on her shoe search if you feel like this post leaves you lacking in enough shoe envy for the day! This post is keeping it simple, so consider yourself warned.

I decided awhile back to wear flats for the wedding. It's less of a height issue than a comfort issue—but I don't mind not having to worry about pictures making me look taller than Mr. Lemur (I'm not!) or towering over anyone (Which I wouldn't, since I'm only 5'5"...). But flats it was, and since it's a late spring/early summer wedding, I was leaning towards wearing sandals. The casual vibe of the wedding lends itself towards dressy sandals, I think, and I happen to be very partial to that style.

I actually know exactly what shoe I want. I owned it once. It was a flat gray sandal from New York & Company with ruffled flowers down the front of the strap. I bought the pair two years ago for less than ten dollars on sale and wore them four times a week for the rest of the summer—no joke. They fit perfectly, were flattering, went with everything, and were super comfortable. I frequently would walk to work (three miles round trip) without blisters or sore feet.

Not surprisingly, given how much I wore them and the fact that I didn't pay much for them to begin with, they wore out by the end of the year. I went back to New York & Company the next summer to find another pair, but I couldn't even find anything similar.

Now it comes to the wedding, and I wish I had bought two pairs of the sandals and kept one in a glass box until now. (Kidding... kind of.) I'm not willing to pay an extravagant amount for my wedding shoes, although I suppose I can spend more than the ten dollars I spent on

I found this pair on eBay and like them well enough.

Image via eBay

They're not exactly what I want though. I'm sitting here debating whether or not to pull the trigger and I actually think I like this pair from Payless better, despite the slight wedge. Two and a half inches might be too much for my dress though...

Image via Payless

So I guess we're back where we started! I would wear either of these pairs of shoes in real life, so I'm tempted to just buy them—they're both less than twenty dollars—and wear them for the summer. And if they look good with my dress that's an added bonus. Don't worry, I'll update you on my full bridal look eventually. Shoes, veil, jewelry, and all. We're getting close!

Anyone else choose flats or sandals over heels for their wedding shoes? Which shoe should I buy? Any other recommendations?

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