Friday, April 19, 2013

We Still Need Wedding Bands

So. We're just over two weeks out from the wedding (whoa), and we don't exactly have wedding bands yet. This is kind of weird for me because usually I'm really on top of these things—but I delegated this to Mr. Lemur who delegated it to our officiant/jeweler, and we're still waiting on a decision.

We did finally go try on rings last weekend. I've known all along what I wanted—just a simple band matching the band of my engagement ring.

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As soon as I tried on rings, I knew I was right, and quickly landed on a 2mm band in 14K white gold, just like my engagement ring band. Granted, I wouldn't be opposed to getting an eternity band to wear between the wedding band and engagement ring someday—but I can wait! The ring I'm getting looks something like this. Pretty self explanatory.

Image via Azzi Jewelers

Now it was Mr. Lemur's turn, and his ring was...not as easy. We knew going in that we didn't want to spend a ton of money on his ring. He's going into law enforcement and isn't much of a jewelry guy—so we weren't sure how much he would be wearing his ring anyway. (Which is fine with me. My dad works in construction and I don't think I've ever seen him wear his ring!) He tried on a few rings that looked something like this—and to be honest I really did like them. They looked nice on his hand and were very classy.

Image via Azzi Jewelers

Ok, so what was not nice was the price on these. Umm, $1,095? No. I knew we'd be getting a discount for going through our jeweler, but I don't think any kind of discount will put the ring into the range we were thinking—and we're not going to spend over five times what my band cost on his! Next we tried on some titanium and tungsten bands, which were cheaper but still in the $300–$400 range.

Image via Azzi Jewelers

Am I being irrational for not wanting to spend that much on Mr. Lemur's ring? We're still waiting to hear back from our jeweler for sure, but to be honest I'm thinking we may go a different route. Except, umm, we only have two weeks. I'm getting a little nervous here, you guys!

Advice on ring buying? How did you pick out a ring?

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