Friday, April 12, 2013

The Project I'm Dreading

Hive, we're three weeks out from the wedding tomorrow, and I have something really, really big I haven't done. Something really important. That I really shouldn't be putting off.

That thing is to figure out who all is coming to this party.

I haven't gotten a ton of RSVPs—maybe 30%? Plus another 20% or so who I know are coming or who have said they're coming. That leaves... a lot of people.

Part of this may be my fault. Remember my invitation with the online RSVP on the back of the card? There have been a fair amount of people who have left the picture on the card and not slid it off to see that there's a back side. What I don't understand is the people who ask questions, I refer them to the website, they're like "Oh, there's a back to the card!" and then they still don't RSVP.

I promise to always RSVP to every single event from here forward.

I know Miss Otter just posted about her RSVP drama so... I'll just add to that post by saying &@*(@^#^. (That's as close to swearing as I'll get... but seriously!)

This is the part where I need to suck it up and call/text/Facebook people. And it needs to be done in the next week because my caterer needs a number. I decided not to do assigned seating a long time ago—so at least I don't have to worry about a seating chart.

Come on, Miss Lemur, just do it. This weekend.


Anyone else with RSVP drama? What did you find was the best way to approach people about RSVPing?

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