Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Brief History of Us

I already told you a little about how we met in my introductory post—short story, we started working together early in the semester. From there on out, we worked together every Friday, and every Friday I would try to get him to pay attention to me. In retrospect, it was completely ridiculous for me to spend so much time on my outfit each week, because he never noticed me and doesn't remember any of that now. Oh well—it's the happy ending that counts, right?

Throughout the semester we did talk some. Mr. Lemur later confessed to me he would bring more than enough workers over from concessions to help clean up so he would be free to stand there and chat for a few minutes. We even casually sat together for the second semester company opening meeting—actually, I spent the entire time before the meeting scheming on how to sit next to him, while he was doing the exact same thing, but neither of us knew this. I was convinced he had walked in with another girl, while he says he was there by himself. Either way, I was pleased with myself for my "success," yet he still hadn't gotten my number or asked me out!

Well, finally through Mr. Lemur's roommate (who I sat next to in class), Mr. Lemur got up the courage to get my number and text me for the first time. That text was at about 8:30 on a Monday night and we were still texting each other at 2:00 the next morning. Pretty sure by midnight I told him my greatest fears and by 1:00am I was asking him about future plans. Yeah. I'm not subtle. But it worked, and after that we were officially "talking," although I was still trying to get him to ask me out without actually throwing myself at him.

A few weeks later there was a required concert—the Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra—on campus. Mr. Lemur waited for me after class, and as we walked out of the building we had the following conversation:

Mr. Lemur: "So... there's some orchestra here next week."
Me: "Yes there is!"
*walks in silence*
Mr. Lemur: "From Poland, I think. It's Poland, right?"
Me: "Yep, the Warsaw National Orchestra!"
*more walking in silence*
Mr. Lemur: "So..."
Me: "Yes?"
Mr. Lemur: "You going with anybody?"

Personal photo from before the concert—we look SO young here!

Less than a month later we were officially dating and we've been together ever since! I always tell Mr. Lemur he's really lucky I said yes given his incredibly awkward way of getting to the point. But then again, I probably would have said yes no matter what given how much effort I put in to getting him to pay attention to me at all.

(Side note: Despite the fact that I feel like I stalked him for four months before he asked me out, Mr. Lemur says he didn't have any clue that I was interested in him! Either he's oblivious or I was less obvious than I thought.)

Anyone else interested in their significant other before he was? Please tell me there's at least someone else out there who had to basically stalk their interest before anything ever happened.

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