Thursday, January 17, 2013

Engagement Pictures Preview

If you remember from my previous engagement pictures post, we chose to go with Niki Marie Photography for our engagement pictures. Niki helped us decide on outfits and locations and we headed to downtown Detroit for our engagement shoot.

That was an adventure in and of itself of course. Downtown Detroit is fascinating because you can see how it was once beautiful and thriving—massive, tall buildings and a network of streets. However, today so many of those buildings stand empty and abandoned and most people avoid spending extended time there. The unemployment rate has skyrocketed and on every street you can see evidence of neglect. Some of these buildings are the background to our pictures—although Niki managed to make them look amazing of course!

A few days after the engagement shoot she posted this sneak peek!

Photo credit.

A few things:

1. I LOVE this picture! I look just like I feel—relaxed and happy—and Mr. Lemur is actually smiling for real. Of course, after all of my dilemma about what to wear and not wearing black... I'm wearing black. In my defense, I had a colored shirt and cute pants on, but it was getting chilly by the end of the day.

2. The whole photo shoot was SO much fun. Mr. Lemur & I relaxed and interacted easily while Niki snapped pictures. She would put us in a basic location and pose and then let us laugh and talk while she took pictures. Occasionally she would give us some direction like  "Miss Lemur, look at Mr. Lemur" or "Mr. Lemur, make Miss Lemur laugh!"

3. There is a hilarious story behind this picture. We were actually done with the photo shoot—it was 5:00 and we were driving away from downtown Detroit towards I-75. All of a sudden Niki goes "pull down one of these streets, the sun is perfect!" Mr. Lemur pulls a u-turn in an intersection on a red light (good thing there were no cars around) and heads down a street with ZERO parking spots. So we keep going and going, and the sun keeps getting lower and lower! Finally he parks in a no parking zone, we hop out of the car, and we all run back two blocks to get the sun at the perfect angle. We stand in the middle of the street as Niki snaps away and I say "These pictures better be good for all of this!" And they were.

I can't wait to show you the rest! We've also decided to book Niki for our wedding pictures. I'm thrilled! Not only are we getting great pictures at a great price, I also feel completely comfortable with her. I did not feel rushed or unnatural during the engagement shoot—and I'm sure working with her on our wedding day will be the same way.

Please tell me your crazy stories from your photo shoots (engagement or otherwise)! Anyone take pictures in a less than desirable area? We were completely safe the whole time but we had several comments yelled our way, not all of them appropriate.

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