Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crossword Progress Report

So instead just of coming up with really cool projects, I decided to actually work on one. (Oh, is that how this whole DIY thing works?) Namely, the crossword puzzle. It took me a lot longer than I expected to come up with the words & clues! Here's a sneak peek...

Personal photo—I started blurring our names, but it just wasn't the same! So I went back and edited the .doc file to get a new shot. Obviously the ones given to our guests have our real names.

You'll have to wait on the rest! When I was working on the crossword puzzle though, I got a grand idea. Have you seen the "I Spy" cards all over Pinterest/wedding blogs? They look like this:

Image via Etsy / Photo by uluckygirl

Well, I can make one of those! Except personalized, of course. Oh, and I had this idea for a cute layered set-up for everyone's place at the table... here's what I'm thinking. Apart they would look like this (ignore the rough mock-up...):

And then I would layer them together, add a pencil, and tie with a piece of ribbon (in the wedding colors!). It would look like this:

Photos courtesy of my awesome PowerPoint skills. *ahem*

What do you think? Will it work? Do you think guests would use them (do the crossword, take pictures, etc.)? Remember that it's a morning brunch wedding!

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