Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Heart Hole Punch

Eventually we'll catch up on my planning process—but until then here's a quick note of what I've been thinking about recently. I was at Walmart with exactly five things on my list—Kleenex, Advil, new screen protectors for my iPhone, and thin ribbon and a hole punch for my invitations. Side note: Apparently EVERYONE got an iPhone for Christmas, because Walmart was completely out of screen protectors.

So I found thin coral ribbon at 10 yards for $0.49 and grabbed two because that's all they had. I'll probably need more actually—for the invitations I need to talk about still. Then I searched all over the store for a hole punch. Turns out the hole punches are in the school supply section, not the craft section or the party section. I did find cute cookie cutters in the party section though.

I grabbed the basic, $0.97 hole punch and started walking towards the door. Then it hit me. My invitations would be so much cuter with a heart hole punch.

In about 0.02 seconds my mind was telling me "Well, I can't get the circle hole punch because the invitations would just look awful with circle holes but amazing with heart holes!" And all I could think about was how I have to have a heart hole punch. Of course, Walmart doesn't have a heart hole punch—at least not that I could find. But that's ok, back to my trusty friend the internet to find me a heart hole punch that could fulfill my obsession.

Amazon told me heart hole punches were at least $7.50 plus shipping. Cue budget guilt.

"Should I really pay TEN TIMES as much or more for a heart hole punch?" 

"I don't NEED it... it's nice but not necessary!"

"I should just buy the $0.97 hole punch and let my invitations look ugly."

Ok, so reality check.

1. My invitations would not look ugly with circle holes instead of heart holes. In fact, no one will even notice. Except me of course.

2. I have budgeted my expenses and have more than enough money in the "invitations" section to cover a heart hole punch.

So you know what? I bought a heart hole punch. Actually, I bought three hole punches—a heart punch, a star punch, and a circle punch. They look like this:

Image via Amazon

I didn't buy them because I have to have them. I bought them because I think they would be a cool addition to our invitations, and I can afford them. And that's ok! Not everything has to be the cheapest thing out there, and not everything has to be absolutely necessary to my project. You can always use hole punches in the future—and hey, these have cool purple handles!

Anyone else deal with budget guilt? What about thinking you have to do something to have the "perfect" invitations, flowers, wedding, etc.?

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