Thursday, January 17, 2013

Engagement Shoot Dilemma

I knew from the beginning I wanted an engagement shoot. Mr. Lemur and I aren't good about taking pictures, and when we do—let's be honest, they're just quick shots with my iPhone. I wanted good quality photos, nothing fancy or expensive, but some nice pictures of us that we could frame and have for the future.

Personal photo—I love this quick shot of us, but that's all it is! A moment captured at Mr. Lemur's brother's wedding on my iPhone before the processional.

The "nothing fancy or expensive" part is where it gets tricky. I'm a graduate student and Mr. Lemur is a recent graduate—and although we both work multiple jobs, we also have to be very careful with our money and don't want to spend several hundred dollars on an engagement shoot and then more money on prints.

Enter Niki Marie Photography. Niki is a college student with a ton of talent who went to school with Mr. Lemur and his brother. She uses natural light and simple settings—and her pictures are relaxed and beautiful, exactly what I was looking for! A quick Facebook message later and we had booked a slot with her. Here are a few shots of hers I love, all from her Facebook page.

Yes, I know the last picture isn't an engagement shoot, but how cute is that family? The first two and the fifth pictures show the backgrounds I'm interested in—these were all taken at our photo shoot location, downtown Detroit. Although I love the field and tree pictures, it's not really the look we're going for, plus I feel like it limits the variety of the pictures.

My favorite recent picture of hers—you'll understand why in a few posts!

So if we had our engagement shoot photographer, and we had a time slot for the shoot, and we had the setting for the pictures... then what was my dilemma?

What to wear, of course! I'm going to be really honest, my style is generally pretty boring. I'm a "wear black with one color" type of girl, and Mr. Lemur couldn't care less. The colors in these pictures are incredible—I love that coral dress! I wish I knew how to incorporate more color into my every day outfits, not just for photo shoots.

What did you wear for your engagement (or other) photo shoots? Any suggestions on outfits?

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