Thursday, January 17, 2013

Coral & Seafoam

So far, the decision on "wedding colors" has been the easiest—but even then, that doesn't mean everyone agrees! I was positive I wanted to include the color coral in the wedding colors. Sure, it's trendy—or maybe it used to be trendy, and I'm just that far behind?—but it's also at least a somewhat flattering color on me and the tones are good for a spring wedding.

Coral it was, then.

The slight problem came in deciding on a second color. Everyone says you're "supposed" to have two wedding colors, right? I was fairly set on seafoam—I mean look at these inspiration photos! How could you say no?

Image via / Photo by Jessica Frey Photography / Vases by A Creative Mint

Image via / Photo by Christa A. Jones

Image via / Photo by Jessica Frey Photography

So coral and seafoam were definitely in. I debated for a while if I needed to have "secondary colors." Eventually I decided that it doesn't really matter! If I wanted to, I could add shades of blue, yellow, or lavender. Any of them would look good with coral and seafoam and with each other, so I don't have to worry too much.

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