Thursday, January 24, 2013

Food Update

Last time we talked about catering, I mentioned my dilemma regarding my idea of a true "brunch" reception—including both breakfast and lunch items. You guys were super encouraging!

Reactions from those I told outside of the hive were a little mixed. Some of my closer family members said they thought it was a great idea while others said it was weird and I should stick to one or the other. Ultimately though, they encouraged me that it's my wedding and I should do whatever I want—quirky or not!

I don't always subscribe to the "do whatever you want, it's your wedding" doctrine. I think input is important and you shouldn't always do something just because it's what you selfishly want! That being said, I don't think the items you put on the menu fall under this category. In designing the menu I was focusing on a variety of items where everyone would have something to eat (including the health-conscious and vegetarians). All that to say—I decided to move ahead with my brunch plan!

I did take a few things into consideration. First of all, I want the menu to stay portable and casual. This means no pancakes or steaks!

Don't they look delicious? I'm a french toast person myself, but I knew that I wasn't going to be including pancakes, french toast or waffles on the menu. Delicious as they are, they don't really fit a buffet reception, especially when we want to encourage people to mingle and walk around. I'm one of those "don't let my food touch" people—so if I eat a pancake, it's sitting down with nothing else on my plate. This applies to all kinds of "syrupy" or more involved foods that I was trying to avoid. Did I spend enough time over-analyzing pancakes yet? Thought so.

Image via / Photo by Wolfgang Puck Catering

Alright, so steaks. First of all, I hate my steak rare. I like it well done, and my favorite part is the charred edges. Total side note! But here's my real point with steaks—and actually all foods in the typical "formal" reception menu—it doesn't fit with the rest of the ceremony and reception. We're in a casual room with a simple reception. Not really steak material—or crab cakes, or salmon, or... you get the picture. Although now I could really go for some grilled steak. Mmm.

So now for the inspiration pictures. Still a work in progress!

Image via / Photo by Joielala Photographie

Image via / Photo by Rachel Havel Photography

Confession, guys. I only used that picture of the donuts because they had sprinkles. Sprinkles on donuts just make them ten times better. But anyway, that's my first item—a mix of pastries, probably including donuts or scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls, etc.

This picture is of a full-sized quiche, but I actually want to serve mini quiches. At our catering tasting we sampled bacon quiche which I loved, but I want to have a vegetarian option as well.

Image via / Photo by Brandi Welles Photography

I love fruit! When I see a fruit tray at a party or reception I get so excited for fresh blueberries and pineapple especially. The other option here would be a vegetable tray—but I think I'd go for a fruit tray over a vegetable tray for a brunch reception.

Image via / Photo by Cyn Kain Photography

These sandwiches are a little daintier than I was thinking—this is more of a bridal shower sandwich than a wedding reception. But I loved the presentation!

Image via Multiply Delicious

I love my pasta salad with tomatoes and broccoli —the only problem with this is that so many people have different tastes when it comes to pasta salad! I want to serve something that doesn't have polarizing ingredients (so I cut out mushrooms), but isn't bland. Any suggestions?

Image via / Photo by Kelli Hunt Photography

I wanted to include one more item. I'm thinking something along the lines of cheese/crackers/meat/other snackable, more appetizer type items. They could be included along with the main meal as something to add that a lot of people enjoy.

So we have a mix of three "breakfast" foods and three "lunch" foods. All of them, though, are fairly casual and all except the pasta salad could be semi-finger foods. For some reason I'm just stuck on the pasta salad!

Am I headed in the right direction? If you attended a reception like this, what would you think? Is there enough food? A good variety of food?

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