Thursday, January 17, 2013

We're Nerds

... or I am anyway. My undergraduate degree was in math and I'm finishing my graduate degree in business—does it get much nerdier than that? So somehow these *ahem* math-themed centerpieces really appeal to me.

I would also love to totally annoy my guests by doing something like this.

Just kidding—I wouldn't actually do that, although I think it's a really funny idea. Has anyone actually done this? I would probably end up standing there and helping all the hungry guests solve their math problems to find their table numbers!

Mr. Lemur's not so much of a math nerd—I won't mention how he did in math in high school. Plus, I'm not sure how well having a math themed wedding would go over with our families and friends. I'm already the nerd of the family! But we do both love to read—and we have lofty ambitions of a library in our house someday.

Image via Zeospot / Photo by Custom Home Library Design

Plus, books are just classically romantic and elegant. So inspiration pictures like these ones really spark my imagination.

I know there are lots of other inspiration pictures for book-themed weddings out there—please share! And tell me about yours. What worked? What would you do differently? Any other suggestions?

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